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Expo gets!
Lugia Default
Right, got round to taking these pictures of my gets, finally!

This first picture shows my gets from the expo overall. I'm personally really happy with the haul of Tsutarja stuff I managed to come away this year. After the disappointing amount of merch available at MCM Midlands (a SINGLE Tsutarja plush) there was a considerable amount more this year, so much so that it was possible to leave some purchases to the last minute on the Sunday.

My first purchase was the Tsutarja Banpresto. About 2 minutes in and £15 already down the drain. xD The Jalorda plush followed shortly after, mainly as a result of chariflame getting one, and then being able to revel in the awesomeness of hers. But, I guess that's okay since I softcore collect Jalorda. ^^; The next purchases on my list were the Tsutarja playset and the phone charm. I intend in keeping the playset boxed and mint - not helpful when lovedbyahero decides to sit on the box. D: I was pretty good after that, holding off any further purchases until Sunday. The X-men poster was a freebie, signed by the two actors whose names I forget (how embarrassing) - can someone remind me? ^^; I then picked up the starters glass, haggled from £5 to £4, so not too bad. The best (and final) purchase was the Shiny Tsutarja. Initially £25 on the Friday, I avoided it as I wasn't too keen on the design. But haggling it down to £11 within the last 30 minutes on Sunday, I couldn't ignore it. :D

You may have noticed a few bits I didn't mention, namely the Layton zukans and the Tsutarja squishy keychain. These were birthday gifts from the awesome kamacazizero, and I love them! ^________^

Close ups!

A few other birthday gets include these fellows:

The bead sprite was made for me by chariflame, and the Commander Video plush was made by lovedbyahero. chariflame did also make me an AMAZING BIT.TRIP shirt, however thanks to a flatmate spilling pasta sauce on it (yeah, I have no idea why he was preparing pasta on the ironing board either...), that's currently off getting washed, so will hopefully return good as new shortly. Hopefully. ¬___¬

That's it for this entry now. Peace.

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LOL Ashley Miller and Zach Stenz are the writers of X-Men First Class as well as Thor, not actors. I did say you would not appreciate the epicness of that poster


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