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P.S. This post did not involve caps lock. Shift ftw.

Oh snap Twitter
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So yeah, I got Twitter:

If you want to follow me, add me at @SoulSilveIV.

In other news, I met Nick Frost today.  Ftw!

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Amnesia is the scariest shit ever
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Seriously, like I don't think I've ever screamed properly like I did tonight. D:

Okay, so I was getting scared and yelling on and off all night (kamacazizero was on Skype with me at the time and can certainly attest to this fact) but seriously the sewer level wtf. So I was in the room with the levers that control the speed of the spinning machinery. Completed that puzzle, as I exit the door to leave the music gets pretty tense. Basically it means there's a monster on the way. As a precaution, I head back into the room and shut the door. Now, normally if there's a monster you can hear it growling nearby, however after about 5 seconds I had heard nothing, so decided to go out and check. I opened the door-


I screamed, panicked, threw the mouse asside, slammed the lid of my laptop shut, ripped the headset off and scrambled away from the desk. All the while I can just hear kamacazizero pissing herself laughing (yeah, real supportive thanks). Had to take a good 10 seconds to make sure I didn't start crying or something, before opening the laptop and turning it back on. God, I don't actually think I've ever been so scared in my life. Jesus Christ, I've had to put on a dressing gown I'm shivering so much. :(

Sat here with mah J2O now, trying to calm myself down, I just keep laughing/whimpering hysterically. Not looking forward to the inevitable monster dreams tonight, lmfao.


Expo gets!
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Right, got round to taking these pictures of my gets, finally!

This first picture shows my gets from the expo overall. I'm personally really happy with the haul of Tsutarja stuff I managed to come away this year. After the disappointing amount of merch available at MCM Midlands (a SINGLE Tsutarja plush) there was a considerable amount more this year, so much so that it was possible to leave some purchases to the last minute on the Sunday.

My first purchase was the Tsutarja Banpresto. About 2 minutes in and £15 already down the drain. xD The Jalorda plush followed shortly after, mainly as a result of chariflame getting one, and then being able to revel in the awesomeness of hers. But, I guess that's okay since I softcore collect Jalorda. ^^; The next purchases on my list were the Tsutarja playset and the phone charm. I intend in keeping the playset boxed and mint - not helpful when lovedbyahero decides to sit on the box. D: I was pretty good after that, holding off any further purchases until Sunday. The X-men poster was a freebie, signed by the two actors whose names I forget (how embarrassing) - can someone remind me? ^^; I then picked up the starters glass, haggled from £5 to £4, so not too bad. The best (and final) purchase was the Shiny Tsutarja. Initially £25 on the Friday, I avoided it as I wasn't too keen on the design. But haggling it down to £11 within the last 30 minutes on Sunday, I couldn't ignore it. :D

You may have noticed a few bits I didn't mention, namely the Layton zukans and the Tsutarja squishy keychain. These were birthday gifts from the awesome kamacazizero, and I love them! ^________^

Close ups!

A few other birthday gets include these fellows:

The bead sprite was made for me by chariflame, and the Commander Video plush was made by lovedbyahero. chariflame did also make me an AMAZING BIT.TRIP shirt, however thanks to a flatmate spilling pasta sauce on it (yeah, I have no idea why he was preparing pasta on the ironing board either...), that's currently off getting washed, so will hopefully return good as new shortly. Hopefully. ¬___¬

That's it for this entry now. Peace.

MCM Expo Roundup
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Hey everyone.  Just downloaded the LJ app for Android, so maybe I'll try and actually use my blog, rather than an account to just keep accessing pkmncollectors with.  xD

As you can probably tell from the title, this is just a (probably not going to be) short post summarising my thoughts and feelings from the past weekend.

In a sentence, if I had to summarise this weekend, I'd have to say that it is possibly one of the best weekends of my life for a long, long time indeed.  I always love walking around the expo centre and seeing all of the wierd and wonderful merchandise for sale, trying out the new games, meeting cool famous peeps, seeing all the awesome artists and hating myself for being talentless, etc.  xD  My wallet can certainly show how much I've enjoyed myself on the merch front - I must have bout at least £50 worth of merch, and over the course of the weekend I've spent over £100 on everything including food, merch, travel, etc.  Oops.  But hey, you only live once don't you?  Although my death may occur somewhat sooner due to lack of food money.  Oh well, Snivy > Food.  :D

What really made this weekend special though is getting to hang out with all these super cool friends who I only get to meet irl occasionally.  The company this weekend was amazing, and I had an absolute blast just chilling with ultra-nice people who enjoy a laugh and like to share the same interests.  It certainly makes a difference from those at uni who consider me to be a mentally-deficient retard simply because I have these interests as opposed to drowning myself in a sea of vodka each weekend.  Not that it really bothers me what other people think, however it's nice to have those around you who do care about you.  You guys know who you are, and I fucking heart you all.  ;D

My 19th was also pretty special to, in the sense that some of it was spent inside a cardboard box, but also in the sense that everyone did a great job to make it special.  Whether it was custom Bit Trip plush or t shirts, special food, or pizza and a dvd (Scott Pilgrim is the nerdiest film ever and I love it), I won't be forgetting my 19th anytime soon.  Cheers guys.  =]

I'll upload a proper picture of all my Expo gets later in the future, but for now, feast your eyes on this crappy, low light mobile phone picture:

Bedtime now because I'm tired, but thanks again for an amazing weekend everyone.  Peace.


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